In 2010 Rethink Possible Initiative, Inc. was founded to address the needs of youths and at-risk youths by matching caring adults with youth ages 7-21 who showed warning signs of dropping out of school. Youths targeted for mentoring included those who had significant school problems, dysfunctional family backgrounds, or drug or alcohol abuse, and problems with the law.

Throughout the history of the organization, mentors and local folks have played a major role by providing program support and mentors. Mentors commit time each week to be a friend and role model for youths. The mentors offer concrete expressions of unconditional love and support to the mentees; and the two participate in activities designed to build friendship, trust, and constructive values.

In January of 2012, Rethink Possible Initiative, Inc. became incorporated. Maintaining the heart of the organization, Rethink Possible Initiative, Inc. continues to serve all youths, specifically targeting youths between the ages of 7-21 who may have an incarcerated parent, come from a single-parent household, have drug or alcohol problems, have been physically or sexually abused, have significant school problems, or live in poverty. However, what we have found is that youths did not always have to be at risk, or have all the above stated criteria, but what they all need and have in common is the need to be encouraged, supported and guided.