Our mission is to create equitable, environmentally sustainable, mixed-income communities that provide residents with choice and opportunity.

Within our five-year initiative, we seek to build communities of choice. Communities of choice are economically and culturally diverse, and provide a range of housing choices; promote development that is walkable, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective; support green building and energy efficiency in policy and practice; connect development to jobs and information through transit; and build equity into their systems, to ensure that all residents can benefit from a city’s revitalization.

We believe that different market dynamics create different challenges for cities – every city is either growing or shrinking, attracting investments or experiencing disinvestment, gaining population or losing residents, experiencing a rise or decline in property values – and that the most effective efforts are tailored to those market realities.

Our goals are to help:

  1. Ensure that low- and moderate-income residents can continue to live and thrive in Strong Market areas that are experiencing tremendous growth.
  2. Revitalize Weak Market areas that are experiencing disinvestment, in ways that connect low- and moderate-income residents with opportunities to create and preserve wealth.
  3. Strengthen the Field of community revitalization to expand our collective ability to address the new realities of cities and the challenges facing low- and moderate-income residents.